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Fixed Matches 100% Sure

Fixed Matches 100% Sure

Each Way Odds

Each Way Odds

Each Way Odds

Date: 25.09.2021 – Day: Saturday


League: NORWAY OBOS-ligaen
Match: Aalesund – Strommen

Tip: Over 2.5   Odds: 1.50
Result: 3:2 Won


Each Way Odds Fixed Matches

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Fixed Matches 100% Sure

All the above examples are each-way odds fixed matches. I.e. you will only get a return if your selection wins. But you can also place each-way bets fixed matches.

An each-way bet fixed matches is where you place double the stake you would for a win bet. Half your stake goes on the win bet at the full odds fixed matches. The other half of your stake goes on a place bet at a fraction of the win odds fixed matches.


Most punters only fixed matches when the place odds are even-money or bigger. You’ll lose money if your team only places if the place odds are lower than even-money. But some punters at slightly short odds if they think a selection has a great chance of winning and is certain to place if it does not win.


But once the odds have been set, why do they so often change?

Even when the values have been determined, the variables used for their calculation will almost always shift. Players suffer injuries, teams become restructured, and events outside anyone’s control can influence the outcome of the event. Odds fixed matches adjustment should therefore always expected, but the direction and degree of tilt can often be very hard to call.


Some reasons include:

The professionals don’t tip their hand:

Many seasoned gamblers do not want to start placing bets early. Locking in large sums of money will mean they are not privy to opportunities that can open up close to the culmination of the bet and the bookies are more likely to take bets of larger value on an impending deadline – rejecting any punters that seem to have spotted a unique ‘in’ if things appear too rich.

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Each Way Odds

Perceived opportunity:

In many ways, the final scramble for fixed matches becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In placing bets at the last minute, punters shift the on the event. For example: If a large volume of punters stake against one team in a match, the required pay-out on the teams will force the bookies to shorten the odds. In seeing these odds change, more punters chip in to try and get in on the action. This becomes accepted practice and, like a snake eating its own tale, the cycle repeats.


What else can affect odds?

Manipulated fixed Matches

If you’re looking at what will influence the odds laid on at an event, the following will have the biggest impact:



Simply, reports of genuine or unconfirmed injuries will greatly affect the set against a team or player. Along with tipping individual match odds fixed betting, these will inevitably have a knock-on for accumulators for tournaments or series – meaning that a player’s match-fit record should always be closely scrutinised.


Line-up changes:

Always hard to quantify, a last-minute adjustment to an established team or group can throw as spanner in the works. If a group has managed to maintained success through exceptional teamwork, a last-minute disruption to the alchemy can stymie any progress made.


Personal issues:

Sadly, a lot of what happens on the pitch or track can have a knock-on effect for players or teams. Ongoing legal disputes, health issues and personal tragedies can have a huge knock-on effect on individuals and, while unfortunate, can dramatically affect. See our next Free tips for Tomorrow!